Food Security Project

Project OverviewOval-GP Infographics on Food Security

Oval Observer Foundation has tied up with the Global Policy Journal, to launch a food security campaign aimed at exploring the challenges faced by emerging economies in addressing malnourishment and undernourishment. The campaign intends to increase awareness on these issues through a broad range of mediums such as research papers, short movies, thematic dialogues and info graphics.

The issue of food security is of paramount concern for our sustainability. Currently, there are approximately 1 billion hungry people in the world. The issue of hunger is further compounded by the fact that almost 1.4 billion people in the world live on less than 1.25$ per day. The population of the world will reach 9 billion by 2050. This is going to hike the food demand significantly. In the backdrop of growing concerns over climate change and its adverse effects on crop yields, there is a burgeoning need to address thee issues immediately and effectively.

Oval Observer Foundation will support the GP Conference on five essential themes , through a customized campaign aimed at enhancing visibility and bringing awareness to a diverse international audience, bringing logistic support to the Conference and supporting structural functions such as Speakers and participants.

These five themes will be:

  • Food Justice, e.g., distributive justice, ethics and responsibility
  • Planetary Capacity, e.g., climate change and environmental stresses (water, air, soil)
  • Food Governance, e.g., international policy making and global collective action
  • Food Innovation, e.g., impact of R&D and conflict between food for people and food for energy
  • Economics of Food, e.g., food-supply chain and business partnerships.

Oval Observer Foundation will support Global Policy Journal by pursuing its engagement channels in the following manner:

  • Institutional Participation and Collaboration
    Oval Observer will engage in dialogue with numerous entities to bring them into the Conference in different capacities – research, speakers and potential project partners.
  • Food Security in the emerging world’ Photo and Documentary issue
    Oval Observer will run a campaign for a Photo Issue that invites photographers, non-profits, artists and agriculturists to submit their photographs on any of the five themes relating to food security. The Photo Issue is not a pure artistic endeavor – rather, it is an impact-oriented initiative that aims to capture the fundamental nature of problems pertaining to food security through a visually powerful medium. India being a primarily agrarian population, offers a tremendous landscape to pronounce the effects of global changes on the Food Industry.
  • ‘Food Security: awareness campaign
    Oval Observer will run a ‘Key Facts about Food Security’ campaign on three levels; a blog, the Oval Observer website, BRICS Media Post, and its social media handles. Through its contributor network and associated researchers, Oval Observer will collate the pressing issues on food security (with inputs from Global Policy) and distribute this information through a series of blog posts, articles and infographics.
  • ‘Food Security – An insider’s perspective’ Short Film
    Oval Observer will tie up with local entities to produce a short film / documentary which will be showcased at the Global Policy Conference. The focus of the film will be the visual and graphic representation of ground-level issues relevant to food security. Additionally, food security as a concern does not operate in isolation. Taking cognizance of this setting, the short film will cover multiple dimensions such as economics, social structure, logistics and public issues that dovetail with food security.
  • Stakeholder Dialogue
    Oval Observer will engage with key stakeholders on the ground in India to bring forth participation and involvement with the Conference. Through this medium, Oval Observer will develop unique models for engaging and bringing forth long-term partnerships with activities including;

    • White Papers
    • Collaboration opportunities
    • Best Practices sharing network
    • Research Project opportunities

The Foundation is committed to developing a sustainable model for food security across the global south and undertake any such issues and challenges relating to starvation, malnourishment and under-nutrition in pursuance of our campaign motto “ No Person Left Hungry!”

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