Innovative Financial Instruments for Emerging Markets


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The emerging economies have a huge potential for capital formation in infrastructure sectors, expansion of trade, growth of services and agrarian economy. However, a significant lack of financial innovation in these markets has hampered growth and investment in these economies. Traditional structures continue to thrive in these markets as they rely much on arbitrage. As a result, many new ventures are stifled at a very nascent stage given the dire need for well-established financial instruments as the necessary fuel.

Oval Observer Foundation has been assessing the gap for various financial instruments in a number of emerging economies and has initiating a new project that will see both the identification as well development and implementation of such instruments. The initiative will identify the broader set of circumstances that warrant creation of new instruments and establish the right market structures so as to increase capital flows both from within domestic and international sources for the emerging economies.

Key Categories
1. Infrastructure, Industrial & Project Finance
2. Trade Finance
3. Consumer Finance
4. Foreign Exchange
5. Payment Mechanisms, E-Commerce and M-Commerce
6. Agriculture and Commodity Finance

Project Activities

  • Scoping: Identifying and Developing a bouquet of instruments across each of the categories
  • Panel Discussions: Organised every 2 months to get critical feedback from top experts
  • Key Research: Background research and putting forth detailed papers
  • Dialogues: With Governments and Regulatory authorities across various markets on embracing developed instruments
  • Working Groups: Made up of a small group of experts that will further develop the instruments
  • Campaign: Publishing a series of infographics, analytical insights and other short summaries circulated globally through multiple channels
  • Pilots: The project will identify pilots for each instrument in a number of emerging markets
  • Scale Up: To expand and replicate the use of the instrument across other markets

Coming Soon

Who Can Join

  • Project Developers
    For those who would like to co-develop and co-finance the projects
  • Capital Providers
    For investors, lenders, insurers and guarantors who would like to support the execution of such projects
  • Governments who would like to see the development initiative being launched in their jurisdictions
  • Innovative Technology & Solution Providers
    Entities who have innovative solutions that can be implemented as part of various installations
  • Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers
    OEMs who would like to provide equipments to various projects.
  • Professional Services
    For corporate finance firms, law firms, tax & accountancy or other professional services firms.

How to Join
Interested parties can join through becoming a formal member of the Foundation or by being a partner/collaborator. Those interested can request more details from the named contacts on this page.