Look West: India’s Leadership Role in West Asia

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The project intends to throw light on India’s current foreign policy stance with respect to West Asia and engage the strategic and diplomatic community as well as the general public to build support for a more proactive stance by India in the region.

The political scenario in West Asia has undergone a significant transformation in the years following the ‘Arab Spring.’

Regimes have been toppled by both foreign intervention as well as popular protests and the region has descended into a hotbed of sectarian tension manifested through armed insurgencies and civil wars.While the major powers of the world attempt to grapple with an increasingly complex and difficult geopolitical situation, India’s reaction to recent turmoil has been marked by a reticence to engage with the region.However, given the high stakes that India has in the region – ranging from energy security and trade to remittances from its widespread diaspora, several scholars have been baffled by India’s determination to sit on the side-lines rather than exert its influence to gain a stronger foothold in the region and help shape its future.

This will evaluate the reasons in terms of India’s approach towards the region that have helped her in maintaining cordial ties with most of the countries in the region. This will establish India’s potential to emerge as a key player in ensuring stability in the region and how it will fit with India’s vision for attaining a much more significant role on international affairs issues.

Oval Observer aims at developing a comprehensive Report on India’s Foreign Policy Imperatives for West Asia. The report shall lay the roadmap to India’s leadership role in maintaining peace and stability in the West Asian Region. This will also create momentum for channelling India’s great power ambition, by offering strategic assistance to the international community in the region.


Dialogues: With Governments and Regulatory authorities across various markets on embracing developed instruments

Working Groups: Made up of a small group of experts that will further develop the instruments

Panel Discussions: To be organized every month, to get critical insights from Key experts and strategist.

Key Research: Intensive Background research which highlight India’s historical ties with West Asian countries as well as its foreign policy approach in the West Asian Region.

Strategic Communication: Disseminating the information to increase public discourse on the issue.

Campaign: Publishing a series of info graphics, analytical insights and other short summaries circulated globally through multiple channels.

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