Oval Observer Foundation is a new voice for the emerging economies. The changing nature of the geopolitical landscape has necessitated the establishment of an independent, impartial platform to cut across boundaries and develop the relevant ties to engage audiences. Our networks extend across countries and bridge the divide across stakeholders from the private sector, government and non-profit sector. Oval Observer Foundation offers a platform where interested parties can share knowledge, engage and explore opportunities and pressing issues with a wide network of influencers including high-level executives from the business world, senior government officials, diplomats, prominent journalists, policy makers and academia. Entities can participate in a wide range of projects that bring real change on the ground.

Oval Observer Foundation offers membership at three levels:
1. Associate Members - for entities that want to be part of the global community, learn about major changes going on in emerging markets, understand local and global dynamics.

2. Action Members - For entities that want to be part of real projects, introduce knowhow and implement real solutions jointly with the Foundation.

3. Oval Club Members - The highest level of engagement that allows members to be a global thought-leader and engage with leaders across countries, sectors and disciplines.  

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Look West: India’s Leadership Role in West Asia

The project intends to throw light on India’s current foreign policy stance with respect to West Asia and engage the strategic and diplomatic community as well as the general public to build support for a more proactive stance by India in the region.

North East India Economic Forum

Act East Initiative: North East India Economic Forum

The North East India Economic Forum is being launched with the objective of creating a sustainable economic corridor for encouraging investments in the North East Region. The Forum will provide the much-needed platform for business leaders, industry and government to engage in deliberations focused on the socio-economic growth of the region as India’s growth story will remain incomplete without including this region, which is endowed with rich natural resources and a strategic geographical landscape.

Innovative Financial Instruments for Emerging Markets

Innovative Financial Instruments for Emerging Markets

The emerging economies have a huge potential for capital formation in infrastructure sectors, expansion of trade, growth of services and agrarian economy. However, a significant lack of financial innovation in these markets has hampered growth and investment in these economies. Traditional structures continue to thrive in these markets as they rely much on arbitrage. As a result, many new ventures are stifled at a very nascent stage given the dire need for well-established financial instruments as the necessary fuel.

Water Governance

Water Governance

Providing access to clean water is becoming a major challenge for Governments all over the world. With increasing urbanisation, industrialisation and stress on agriculture availability demand for water is increasing at an unprecedented rate. But assessing the situation in each region, one doesn't have to look too hard to find out inefficiencies, poor technological or engineering choices or even misplaced habits. Governments and stakeholders can make interventions that do not need radical interventions. The Water Governance project at Oval Observer Foundation looks at a number of aspects that can bring significant relief to water stressed regions.

Rural Electrification Project

Rural Electrification Project

The rural electrification project has been launched with the objective of electrifying villages across India. The project will commence in January 2015 with the Uttar Pradesh as its flagship state and eventually stretch to other parts of India. The project aims to bring 1MW of power to each village through a micro-grid network. This will not only provide electricity to each village but also set up micro-enterprises resulting in more jobs, self-reliance and greater economic prosperity


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