Oval Observer partners with Global Policy Institute on Food Security

15th Dec 2014

Oval Observer Foundation and Global Policy Institute are working together to address the growing food security issue.  The two institutes are set to work together alongside :Response, a German CST and sustainability oriented Consultancy on the 2nd edition Global Food Security Conference. The :response and Global Policy Conference Series at the LSE aims to discuss key challenges of sustainable development and responsible governance in the fluid world of the 21st century. By bridging the gap between differing stakeholder groups – scientists, policy makers, businesses, national governments, international organizations and opinion leaders. The collaboration is targeting a mid-2015 Conference as a follow-up to the first edition of the Global Policy Conference, held at the London School of Economics (LSE) last year. Here is the press release from last year’s edition.

Oval Observer is slated to launch a Food Security Campaign later this year to bring momentum and awareness on a global scale of the various dimensions of this challenge. Some of the key issues that are expected to be deliberated upon are Food Justice, Planetary Capacity, Governance and regulation, innovations in  R&D from private sector, food economics, and environmental stresses relating to food security.