Oval Observer Foundation is a strategic engagement and an action platform for economic, social and political issues related to emerging markets and high growth nations. Established in early 2014, the Foundation provides a continuous engagement platform to stakeholders interested in increased growth in emerging economies.

Foundation Pillars
  1. Action Platform - A delivery and execution framework through which the Foundation delivers real impact on the ground.
  2. Strategic Engagement – Engaging multiple stakeholders to bring forward new ideas, research, cutting edge analysis and most crucially developing a feedback loop.
  3. Communications – Reaching out to the widest stakeholder groups through a range of media channels including digital, print and broadcast.

Stated Objectives
The Foundation delivers on its stated objectives across six major themes:
  1. Economy & Finance - Improvement in economic climate and increasing access to finance
  2. Global Trade – Increasing the contribution of emerging economies in global trade output in addition to Improving south-south trade linkages
  3. Investments – Greater flow of domestic and FDI to emerging markets
  4. Political-Affairs – Improving overall governance and better engagement with political establishments
  5. Security – Understanding key security risks, taking pre-emptive measures as well as finding ways to reduce systemic risks
  6. Sustainability – To accelerate sustainable environmental development, moving towards low-carbon economy, developing markets and instruments for adoption of sustainability, accelerating new solutions and technologies to market.

Raison Détre
The Foundation came about to address three crucial issues the emerging economies face:
  • More talk, less action – There is no dearth of forums, events, conferences and other advocacy activities focused on emerging markets. However many of these activities rarely go beyond into the action world. The Foundation has a clear mandate to deliver real impact through a number of projects.
  • Lack of continuity: Emerging economies face a major issue in change in Governments and policy landscape. This is a huge deterrent for global investors and developmental efforts. The Foundation addresses major issues and provides a continuous engagement platform for all stakeholders.
  • No major global voice: Headquartered in the UK with upcoming hubs in many emerging regions coupled with a huge media and communications platform, the Foundation is a major voice for the emerging world.

The Name
Oval Observer Foundation derives its name from the fact that the world is neither round nor flat – boundaries across the world are blurring and the emerging world order is fast coalescing to form a multi-polar block that are connected across multiple domains such as trade, international economics, and security.

The Legal Entity
The Foundation is headquartered in London, the UK and registered as a non-profit entity. The Foundation is a provider of research and insight and a platform for strategic engagement and action.

Advisory Board
The Foundation derives its vision from a stellar Advisory Board that reflects our global diversity. Our Advisory Board comprises renowned and accomplished names from the fields of international affairs, economics, journalism and policy. Bringing multiple perspectives to the table, the Advisory Board provides a sharp acumen to many of the strategic initiatives at the Foundation. Together, we aspire to be the voice of the emerging world.



Look West: India’s Leadership Role in West Asia

The project intends to throw light on India’s current foreign policy stance with respect to West Asia and engage the strategic and diplomatic community as well as the general public to build support for a more proactive stance by India in the region.

North East India Economic Forum

Act East Initiative: North East India Economic Forum

The North East India Economic Forum is being launched with the objective of creating a sustainable economic corridor for encouraging investments in the North East Region. The Forum will provide the much-needed platform for business leaders, industry and government to engage in deliberations focused on the socio-economic growth of the region as India’s growth story will remain incomplete without including this region, which is endowed with rich natural resources and a strategic geographical landscape.

Innovative Financial Instruments for Emerging Markets

Innovative Financial Instruments for Emerging Markets

The emerging economies have a huge potential for capital formation in infrastructure sectors, expansion of trade, growth of services and agrarian economy. However, a significant lack of financial innovation in these markets has hampered growth and investment in these economies. Traditional structures continue to thrive in these markets as they rely much on arbitrage. As a result, many new ventures are stifled at a very nascent stage given the dire need for well-established financial instruments as the necessary fuel.


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