Scoping Study for the Indo-European Water Partnership & Cooperation Plan on the Ganga

18th Feb 2016 Featured, Sustainability

The Ganga River basin is one of the most crucial sources of water for more than 400 million people in India. The basin faces multiple stresses such as growing populations and growing demand for limited land and water resources. The Government of India has initiated a historic and crucial programme to clean and manage the Ganga River. The aim of this study is to present a holistic picture of the challenges, initiatives and actors engaged at the state, national and international level in the National Clean Ganga Mission. The report also aims to highlight European experiences in river basin management among European Union Member States and to detail opportunities for collaboration among European Union and Indian stakeholders. This study recommends specific tools of engagement for those parties, among others to jointly develop and implement an Indo-European Water Partnership, with an aligned Platform consolidating businesses and technologies, to launch further joint Indo-European activities for the Ganga, as well as develop an engagement model for design and execution of Ganga projects on the ground.

Oval Observer Foundation and European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) with support from the Consortium of Indian Institutes of Technology that have developed the Ganga River Basin Management Plan.

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