Oval Podcast Episode.2: Food Security in India

30th Jan 2015

In this edition of Oval Podcast, Rachit Ranjan and Shoikat Roy discuss the food security challenges in the global south with a particular focus on policy mechanisms extant in India to address the issue. Food security has been identified as a millennium development goal and the pronounced complexities in ensuring this form of security for the future requires greater deliberation. The Podcast discusses in great detail the merits and demerits of the Public Distribution System (PDS) and the design and implementation challenges in introducing the alternative system of Direct Cash Transfer (DCT). In this regard, the Podcast features discussion of the leakages with the PDS system and case studies from across the world to assess the viability of DCT as an alternative. To this extent, the discussion focuses on the design and implementation challenges involved in DCT and how diminishing the room for indulgence in corrupt activities in may consolidate PDS. The Podcast also marks the commencement of a series dedicated towards exploring food security and malnourishment issues in the Global South, where the Foundation will aim to disseminate deeper insight on some of the most pressing food insecurity issues in the Global South from both a macro and micro perspective, which will include, inter alia, issues relating to the WTO fiasco, climate change and food security, farm justice, GM crops and efficient use of arable land.



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