What We Do

Oval Observer Foundation’s mission is to reflect and be the voice of the emerging world order. We take pride in our ability to bring to the table multiple divergent perspectives in the pursuit of joint solutions. The Foundation delivers on its mandate through three main areas of activities:
  1. Action Platform
  2. Oval Observer Foundation is establishing itself as the premier action platform focused on the emerging economies. Our multi-disciplinary approach brings together numerous experts and practitioners to deliver world class solutions that deliver real progress. We partner with industry, academic institutions, Governments, investors and subject matter experts globally. Through continuous deliberations we identify action projects and ensure that they reach the identified milestones.

    Our Strategic Action Channel is a comprehensive solution offering that provides channels for developing projects and strategic initiatives with multiple stakeholders in the emerging world. Through a series of carefully curated and planned activities, our strategic action solution transcends pure advisory to provide practical assistance in navigating the complex worlds of business, policy, governance and economics. Through the diverse and wide stakeholder pool that our solutions attract, the Foundation jointly develops initiatives and pursues strategic interests in the emerging markets. Typically, we engage with key players from the private sector, Government, policy-makers, media houses and the non-profit sector.

  3. Research And Engagement
  4. Our research and insights derive strength from the impressive list of contributors, which comprise of the foremost scholars in the field of international affairs, diplomats and market experts. To augment the research conducted in-house, Oval Observer Foundation has partnered with many institutions globally. Institutional partners enhance both the quality and quantity of research conducted at the Foundation, thus ensuring that the outcome is a significant footprint on the research and communications map.

    Oval Observers, a select group of subject-matter experts associated with the Foundation contribute to our various platforms, and engage within themselves to better inform, analyze and resolve complex issues.

    Acknowledging that research alone cannot generate adequate solutions, the Foundation positions itself at a distance from the armchair scholars by offering a platform for stakeholders across geographical boundaries and domains to ideate and debate global issues.

    Trademark Engagement Channels and Events of Oval Observer Foundation are:
    • Oval Conferences: Flagship summit level conferences held annually. The summits offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to project their ideas for economic growth and profit maximization within the relevant sector. It establishes a stellar platform for creation long-term business relationships transcending national boundaries.
    • Oval Dialogues: Held every month, small group of observers’ interactions. The Dialogues are unique in their format, allowing participants and discussants to deliberate issues with a focus on creating a solution oriented approach to the concerned issue.
    • Oval Debates: Held frequently with two eminent people who will debate on an issue of global or regional significance. The current arena for substantive debates on international affairs is replete with superficiality and hyperbolic information. Oval Debates offers a distinct platform for an international affairs observer to explore these issues through the lens of leading experts in the respective fields without losing sense of objectivity and substance.
    • Oval Speak: Held twice a year, curated by Riz Khan, where Riz will invite a global voice of significance and talk to him/her in the presence of a live audience. Oval Speak distinguishes itself from other interview formats as it allows the audience, comprising of key stakeholders, to communicate directly with business leaders, politicians and industry experts across the world, thereby bridging the current communication gap that prevents a healthy synergy needed for accelerating and facilitating opportunities and growth.
    • Oval Campaigns: In pursuance of its ideology for establishing palpable change and impactful action, Oval Campaigns will run alongside its project exercises. The Foundation intends to raise awareness through sustained campaigns on its identified projects with the objective of garnering both external and collaborative support from various stakeholders. The ultimate goal of such campaigns is to provide fillip to an idea whose time has come and requires immediate attention.
    • Oval Retreats: Oval Retreats offers businesses a unique opportunity to engage in strategic planning and team building in a calm environment, which is conducive for such tasks.

  5. Communications and Outreach
  6. The Foundation’s cutting edge research capabilities are complimented by its ability to distribute opinion and engage with a wide range of networks through events that include conferences, debates, broadcast and debates. At Oval Observer Foundation, we believe that for the world to be more equal, we need to understand each other better. Communication is the key for this and seamless flow of informed opinions and analysis is critical. We now have a plethora of new media channels, memes circling the world in seconds, the app of the moment bursting onto the scene, and the latest trends to navigate and leverage. The Foundation breaks down complex issues into multiple dimensions, surfing and sifting through the voluminous data-channels available online and offline to identify the relevant opinions and perspectives.

    In keeping with the communications age, the Foundation disseminates information, generates discussion and informs opinion across the virtual world. The Oval Observer platform shares opinions, analyzes reactions, encourages debate and stimulates conversations across unlikely domains to optimize the outreach.

    Trademark Communication and Outreach channels of the foundation are:
    • Generating discussions/debates on various social media channels.
    • Podcasts, which highlight and deconstruct key issues affecting the emerging economies on a weekly basis.
    • Video interviews/clips that explore issues covering the Foundation’s thematic areas in greater depth.
    • Broadcast station, launching in 2015, which will bring you the latest debates, news and views emerging in the new world order.



Look West: India’s Leadership Role in West Asia

The project intends to throw light on India’s current foreign policy stance with respect to West Asia and engage the strategic and diplomatic community as well as the general public to build support for a more proactive stance by India in the region.

North East India Economic Forum

Act East Initiative: North East India Economic Forum

The North East India Economic Forum is being launched with the objective of creating a sustainable economic corridor for encouraging investments in the North East Region. The Forum will provide the much-needed platform for business leaders, industry and government to engage in deliberations focused on the socio-economic growth of the region as India’s growth story will remain incomplete without including this region, which is endowed with rich natural resources and a strategic geographical landscape.

Innovative Financial Instruments for Emerging Markets

Innovative Financial Instruments for Emerging Markets

The emerging economies have a huge potential for capital formation in infrastructure sectors, expansion of trade, growth of services and agrarian economy. However, a significant lack of financial innovation in these markets has hampered growth and investment in these economies. Traditional structures continue to thrive in these markets as they rely much on arbitrage. As a result, many new ventures are stifled at a very nascent stage given the dire need for well-established financial instruments as the necessary fuel.


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